By Mike Weaver

     Change in life, or lack of, can sometimes overwhelm us. Whether it is the change of seasons, change of where we live, work, go to school, whatever the situation, change will have its affect. Sometimes change is good, and sometimes change is bad.

     In the Old Testament scripture, the people were required to offer sacrifices and offerings for their sin. There were Burnt offerings, Grain offerings, Peace offerings, Sin offerings, Trespass offerings etc. They were required to sacrifice all kinds of animals, from doves to goat kids, to lambs, to calves, depending on what they had done. Read the Books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy sometime, and see all that was required of the Children of Israel. Can you imagine trying to keep up with all of these things? There were so many requirements, and the people did  not always keep up with them, but God, had mercy on us and said that change was coming.

     In the book of Jeremiah, chapter 31 vs.31-34, we read a prophecy of A New Covenant. We see that they were unable to keep The Old Covenant, so God was going to make a New One. In vs. 33, He says that He would put His laws in their minds, and write them on their hearts. This is how we know the difference from right and wrong. God has made us so that we know. Some make the choice to override that inner conscience that God has given us, but that does not make wrongs all right. We all know when we are in sin; no one needs to tell us. In the New Testament book of Hebrews Chapter 10, the writer notes that the sacrifice of animals is no longer sufficient to take away our sin, but that the New Covenant was now established through the Blood of Jesus Christ. The ultimate sacrifice of His life is enough for all of the sin that mankind constantly commits. In this change of covenants, we can be saved. Sometimes the sin in our lives can weigh us down to the point that we feel trapped. Heaviness and depression set in, and we think there is no way out. That my friends is not of God, and you need to realize the liberty that is available through The New Covenant. So now the question is “How do I get there”? Well the Apostle Paul told the jailer in Acts 16:31 “ Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your Household.” Also, the Apostle Peter preached in Acts 2:38 to “repent and be baptized and you shall receive the Gift of The Holy Spirit.”

     As you can see, God has made some changes in the way we come to salvation, and all you must do is accept what He has done. Why not make a change that will last for eternity, ask Christ into your heart.