Mike Weaver – Senior Pastor



     My name is Mike Weaver. Some call me Pastor, some Brother, some Preacher, some Crazy, you name it, but Mike will do. I’m the Senior Pastor at Wild Ride Ministries. Our ministry started out as an outreach at rodeos, bull ridings, barrel racings, and other western world events. In mid 2003, I had some calls from people in the Harper area who were interested in starting a new Cowboy type Church here. Would I come? Long story short: I prayed, God answered YES!

     Why the name Wild Ride Ministries and not church? It is our vision to have ministries to reach all sorts of people with all sorts of needs, and that all of our members find the area that God would have them minister in.

     Since our inception, Wild Ride Ministries has become a wonderful community based church with a diverse membership consisting of people from all over the Texas Hill Country.

     It is my desire to see all people fulfilled in the Lord and we hope you’ll call Wild Ride your home!